State-of-the-art technology

Outstanding equipment

All our rooms are equipped with professional speaker systems, state-of-the art lighting and large screen projectors to ensure you can be heard and seen clearly at all times. Our expert technology team will customise the audio, video and lighting systems to suit your requirements to ensure ideal sound and vision conditions for your event.

Our WLAN-Netz network is available throughout the entire Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle. Upload and download speeds of 1 gigabit allow simultaneous use of high-speed internet for up to 2,500 participants.

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Convenient equipment

Exceptional extras

Various special technical features in our building help to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Our conference office and counter in the Hegel Foyer provide ideal facilities to register and coordinate your guests. Separate interpreter booths enable simultaneous interpreting of your presentations and talks without any logistical effort. Our building also has a press conference room and VIP room with direct box access.

Our digital signposting system guides visitors to their destination and can be customised to your event. Our special air purification systems using 100% external air ensure a pleasant, fresh climate in all our rooms.

For anyone looking for a special setting for their event, our Beethoven Hall is the perfect choice. As well as its striking architecture and exceptional acoustics, the hall also impresses with a water fountain built into the stalls and a sweet-sounding concert organ.

Our power is 100% green

Maximum flexibility

Rooms to your exact preferences

We offer you optimum functionality and flexibility. Our rooms allow us to easily run multiple events at the same time. Where necessary, we can make specific arrangements to visibly extend or scale down our halls. This allows you to add up to 14 breakout rooms to your event, and ensures sufficient space for your seminars, workshops or back office.

Our hydraulically adjustable hall and stage platforms allow easy conversion from a “lecture setting” to banquet seating in just three hours, without affecting the exhibition in the associated foyer.

The seating in each hall can, of course, also be tailored to suit your requirements. Options include U-shape, circle, fishbowl, row seating, parliamentary-style seating, block or banquet. Our halls can be adapted to provide level access throughout in a few simple steps, making them perfect for use as exhibition spaces. The floors in our halls are safe to be driven on, making them suitable even for exhibits that are difficult to transport, such as vehicles.

State-of-the-art technology
Flexible room layout
Digital room solutions
Interpreter booths

Technical support

The technical service provider by your side

Room support is included in our offer. Our expert technical staff will be available throughout your event.

Support is available for obtaining licences (including from the AföO (Office for Public Order)) and ensuring compliance with the applicable laws, requirements and fire safety regulations (including the Baden-Württemberg Venue Regulations - VStättVO). We are also always happy to help you devise and review your hall floor plan.

We can also assist you with

  • Planning of stand areas
  • Submission of plans for approval by the relevant building authority
  • Traffic management/site layout
  • Drafting of safety policies
  • Drafting of hygiene policies

Network technology

State-of-the-art network technology as a large-scale supplier

Our powerful network technology gives you:

  • A platform with 70 powerful Aruba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switch components and access points
  • Top speeds and extremely fail-safe operation thanks to consistent mirroring
  • Full-coverage wireless network with 70 centrally managed access points
  • Extended 802.11ac Wave 2 standard Wi-Fi
  • VLAN technology for cost-effective provision of individual client networks
  • LTE throughout the building (provider: Telekom and Vodafone)
  • Continuous further development to the highest standards

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