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The Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle offers you ideal spaces and technical equipment for your professional digital event. Whether a virtual congress, an online general meeting, a digital members’ meeting, an online workshop or a hybrid event, we can cater for every requirement with our customised packages. Together with our technical partners, we offer you comprehensive, carefree digital support.

Two steps to your digital event

Plan your digital event with ease with us as your partner. You choose the type and size of your event, we take care of the rest.

1. Select event TYPE

We offer you complete flexibility in organising your event. We have preselected three event types to simplify matters. These can be combined and added to at any time to suit your requirements, simply get in touch with us to discuss.


Streaming is the ideal virtual event format for presentations and lectures. The audience can watch conveniently from home via live stream from anywhere in the world. There is no option to interact with participants or speakers.


The main difference between an online event and streaming is the interaction. Participants at home can be actively involved in the event through brainstorming modules, chat, voting and poll tools. Ideal for training sessions or general meetings.


Highlight: the hybrid event. Combine your online event with your on-site event. Participants at home and on site will be equally involved in the event thanks to digital interaction tools For maximum flexibility and greater reach.

2. Specify event SIZE

We have the perfect room for your virtual or hybrid event. To give you an idea, we have outlined three different packages below:


Our fully equipped Studio is the perfect location for your streaming or online event.

  • 34 m² of usable space
  • Round table discussion with up to 4 people*
  • Branding in your own corporate design
  • Use of a 4K camera
  • Sound, lighting and video technology including direction
  • Ideal for lectures and small round table discussions


Our Schiller Hall can easily accommodate streaming, online events or hybrid events with up to 50 participants.

  • 413 m² of usable space
  • Round table discussion with up to 6 people*
  • Branding in your own corporate design
  • Multiple parallel set-ups possible
  • Use of two 4K cameras
  • Sound, lighting and video technology including direction
  • Rear wall can be used for projections
  • Ideal for presentations and press conferences


Our Hegel Hall is the perfect venue for large hybrid events with up to 500 participants*.

  • 1,003 m² of usable space
  • Round table discussion with up to 8 people*
  • Branding in your own corporate design
  • Multiple parallel set-ups possible
  • Use of two 4K cameras
  • Sound, lighting and video technology including direction
  • Rear wall can be used for projections
  • Ideal for hybrid events or online events with multiple parallel set-ups
* Based on current safety and hygiene standards and with social distancing of 1.5 metres.** For our digital offering, you can use all rooms within the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle by individual agreement.

Interested? Plan your digital event with us

Other services

Our comprehensive carefree support

Together with our partners ACS Medientechnik, Mad Music and Neumann&Müller, we offer you comprehensive carefree digital support! We can also provide you with a wide selection of additional services to cover every conceivable requirement.

  • Support in drafting a hygiene policy
  • Continuous network monitoring with an in-house Network Operations Centre
  • Video on demand or recording of the event
  • Additional cameras for different angles or set-ups
  • Comprehensive management system for media servers
  • Separate landing page in your own corporate design with integrated password-protected participant area
  • Support with technical operations and dramatic composition
  • Additional rooms, e.g. for back office or make-up

Benefits for you

Maximum flexibility and increased reach

At the present time, digital events are the only safe way of holding discussions with larger numbers of people and across national borders. However, digital events offer more than simply an answer to the coronavirus crisis.

Digital events eliminate the need for long journeys and hotel stays, and also minimise the amount of waste generated. This is good news for both the environment and your budget, and also gives participants maximum flexibility. Anyone can attend the event live and participate actively. There are no limits at virtual events. You can invite people from all over the world to watch your presentations live on their smartphone or PC.

A wide range of options for digital interaction help to lower inhibitions and ensure greater involvement and honest feedback.

We will be pleased to record your event for you if required. Your event will then remain permanently available and have a longer-lasting impact.

Hybrid events combine the benefits of real and virtual events. Attendance is possible both physically and digitally. This enables you to reach the widest possible audience in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner without exceeding space capacity.

How about a remote meeting or event-to-event?

Remote meeting or event-to-event

Custom solutions to meet your requirements

Would you like to book multiple rooms in the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle and network them together (remote meeting)? This can easily be achieved thanks to our in-house network.

Viewers in different conference rooms can be connected to the main event in the hall if required and can interact with the speakers on the stage. This makes it possible to easily host large events on site.

We can also easily connect multiple events (event-to-event). Our digital infrastructure makes communication flow so smoothly you feel as if you are attending an actual large event.

Interested in hosting a digital or hybrid event? Contact us! We will discuss your personal preferences and implement them according to your exact requirements.

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