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What do congresses have to do with sustainability?

3.5 kg of residual waste, 5.5 kg of waste paper, 151 litres of waste water and 204 kg of CO2 – that's the footprint of an average congress participant. 2.89 million congresses, conferences and events take place in Germany each year. More than 423 participants travel to these events, are catered for, stay overnight and consume power and water². Congresses are one-off events. This is why it is important to consider sustainability issues. The change in mindset has just begun, but numerous concepts are already available for environmentally friendly events.

* Source: Study by the Austrian Convention Bureau, the umbrella organisation for the Austrian congress industry
*² Source: 2018/2019 Meeting & EventBarometer

How can you turn your event into a green event?

It all starts with planning: Where should my event take place? Where can I cut greenhouse gases and minimise environmental impact? What kind of catering do I want and where will my service providers come from? The largest contribution to your climate footprint is usually generated by participants and employees travelling to and from your event. An event venue close to good transport links is therefore an important prerequisite.

Is environmental protection a task for the congress centre alone?

For a green event to be successful, everyone involved needs to work together. The Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle provides the setting and best possible conditions for your climate-friendly event. As organiser, you provide the motivation and ambition, and also create incentives to encourage your participants to do their bit.


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