The Hegel Hall can hold almost 1,900 visitors, making it the second largest room in the convention centre. The heptagonal room owes its excellent acoustics to a sophisticated sound system, the most striking components of which are its suspended glass sail panels. To complement events, the foyer around the hall works well as an exhibition venue.

The hall also features

  • a glass roof dome which can also be darkened
  • 2 separate galleries
  • 4 interpreter booths
  • 4 boxes
  • a variable-size orchestra pit
  • a VIP room with direct box access
  • a conference office with counter in the foyer
  • state-of-the-art lifting technology allowing for variable use of the stage and stalls
  • backdrop hoists in the stage area
  • a point hoist system in the hall
  • a large-scale projection screen installed in the hall
  • a variable, hydraulically adjustable stage


Gallery 1516601176-204-
Gallery 2227191----
Foyer, level 11.573--600958669
Foyer, level 3342---160103
Foyer, level 4387---160116