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Are there cloakrooms, and if so, how much do they cost?

A cloakroom is set up in the appropriate foyers for every event. Cost: €2.00 per cloakroom item.


Is there always an opening act at concerts? 

In very rare cases there is a supporting act before the main event. However, this is the decision of the organiser. Current information on this can be found directly on local organiser homepages (see events calendar) or on the websites of the artists and bands in question.


Is smoking allowed in the building?

By law, all facilities in the Liederhalle culture and convention centre are non-smoking areas. Smoking is therefore prohibited inside the building.


Are cameras allowed?

Photography and video recording is prohibited during concerts, musicals and stage shows. Mobile phone cameras and small digital cameras are now allowed in rock and pop concerts. In exceptional cases, however, these must be left at the entrance.


Is it allowed to bring animals?

In general, animals are not allowed in the building. The only exception are service dogs.


When do the doors open before a concert?

We usually open around 1 hour before the start of each event.


Is there a regular box office?

No, this depends on the event. Please contact the appropriate concert organisers (see events calendar) to find out whether there will be a special box office.


Where can I get a copy of the current programme?

You can access our entire programme, which is updated daily, in the events calendar section. As we only act as lessors, there is no separate programme for our premises. Please contact the Easy Ticket Service or local organisers.


Are you a journalist who needs a press ticket?

As we are merely the lessors of the facilities, unfortunately we cannot issue any press tickets. Please contact local organisers directly – you can find an overview in our events calendar. More event information and press material is also available from the appropriate organisers.