Green Events

What do conventions have to do with sustainability?

3.5 kg of non-recyclable waste, 5.5 kg of waste paper, 151 litres of waste water and 204 kg of CO2 – this is the footprint of an average German convention guest*. 2.76 million conventions, conferences and events take place in Germany every year. Over 300 million participants travel to these, make use of catering and overnight accommodation, and consume electricity and water. Conventions are one-off events, and this is precisely what makes it important to consider sustainability. The change in thinking has just begun, but there are already many approaches for making events environmentally friendly.

How does your event become a green event?

Everything starts with the planning. Where should my event take place? In what areas can I cut down on climate-damaging greenhouse gases and minimise the environmental impact? What catering do I want and where are my service providers coming from? The largest contributors to your carbon footprint are usually the journeys made to and from the event by your guests and staff. A venue with good transport links is therefore a crucial requirement.

Is environmental protection only the convention centre’s responsibility?

For a successful green event, everyone needs to pull together. The Liederhalle culture and convention centre provides the setting and ideal conditions for your climate-friendly event, while you as the organiser bring motivation and ambition, as well as giving participants the incentive to play their part.

* Source: study by the Austrian Convention Bureau, the umbrella organisation for the Austrian convention industry


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