Carbon offsetting

Whatever your efforts towards sustainability, large-scale events in particular have a climatic and environmental impact through CO2 emissions. You can influence many factors such as the choice of conference venue, the quality of the catering or the reduction of unnecessary paper consumption.

Unavoidable emissions, for example those caused by participants who travel by car or plane, can be calculated and offset by supporting useful climate protection projects. We recommend GlobeClimate, a climate protection initiative run by the environmental foundation NatureLife-International.

GlobeClimate is working on several regional and international climate protection projects:

Landschaftspark Neckar:

Development of natural experience areas along the river Neckar and its tributaries.

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Wetland restoration:

Re-establishing drained wetlands creates effective carbon sinks.

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Rainforestation farming:

A combination of climate protection, poverty alleviation and biodiversity preservation.

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Factsheet – GlobeClimate-Initiative

Due to the large number of GlobeClimate projects, it is also possible to make individual arrangements. Please contact us!

Flat rate carbon offsetting

To keep carbon offsetting expenses for smaller events as low as possible for you, we have calculated a flat rate with our partner GlobeClimate.

Single day events with up to 100 participants can be offset at a flat rate of €2.00 (net) per event participant per day. This sum compensates for the average CO2 emissions caused by travel and the rooms used. You will receive a carbon offset certificate from NatureLife-International/GlobeClimate.

Carbon offsetting for large and multi-day event

CO2 emissions and appropriate offsets for larger events are calculated directly by our partner NatureLife-International/GlobeClimate on an individual basis. 

Please contact us in such cases.