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“Unconferencing” - or how conferences can organise themselves

There is no agenda, and there are no speakers or lecturers. Participants agree on the topics and procedure at the start of the meeting. Knowledge sharing and discussion take priority over transfer of knowledge here. The main advantage of this open and non-hierarchical format is: Anyone can ask questions, contribute their knowledge and work towards a specific solution focusing on requirements.

Introducing the BarCamp method

Despite the open format of the event, a good "BarCamp", in the same way as other event formats, requires good preparation as, although no conventional speakers are involved, experts in certain areas still need to be included among the participants. Experts and experienced BarCampers help to steer the dynamic of the event in the right direction. Only motivated participants actively participate which means the environment should spark BarCampers’ creativity.

Plan spaces of different sizes for the scheduled breakout sessions and use signposting systems and screens to clearly communicate the topic being discussed to all participants. The relatively low preparation required means that the BarCamp method allows new contacts to be established quickly and helps to spark participants’ creativity and initiative.

Are you looking for different sizes of room and a modern signposting system for your BarCamp? The Liederhalle is the perfect solution!

Are you looking for different sizes of room & a modern signposting system for your BarCamp?

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