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Night of Light 2020

The Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle was one of more than 9,000 buildings across Germany bathed in red light during the Night of Light from 22nd to 23rd June.

Appeal to politicians

The action was initiated by Tom Koperek, Director of LK-AG Essen: “We are a community and share a common goal of industry dialogue with politicians. After all, this is a red alert situation - a market worth billions of euros and hundreds of thousands of jobs are at stake!”

The event industry is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector encompasses over 150 trades and disciplines and therefore has no unified lobby despite the fact that, as a whole, it ranks among the top 3 industries in Germany in terms of employment and turnover. The aim of the Night of Light was to engage in dialogue with politicians to develop solutions and ways out of the crisis. The campaign was expressly not directed against the hygiene measures introduced in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Night of Light 2020 - a blazing appeal

Stunning illuminations

During the Night of Light, venues, event centres, theatres and other buildings used spectacular and beautiful illuminations to display their solidarity with the people and fates behind the glowing red buildings. The aim of this concerted action was to issue a blazing appeal to politicians to work together to find a way out of the crisis.

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