If you want emission-free travel without giving up the convenience of your own vehicle, car2go in Stuttgart offers Germany’s largest number of electric hire cars with a total of 500 available. After registering with car2go, anyone who holds a valid driving licence can use one of the battery-powered runabout produced by Smart. Those interested can check the internet or the car2go app to find out the location of the nearest free vehicle at any time.

Full details of costs and procedures are available at https://www.stuttgart.de/car2go or on the car2go homepage.

For those who would rather get around the city by pedal-power, there are around 400 bikes available for hire from the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary, DB Rent, at relevant points such as train stations or near shops and facilities – including right on our doorstep, at the entrance to the Breitscheiderstraße car park. In addition to normal “Call a Bike” cycles, it is also possible to hire e-bikes here.

Find out exactly how the system works at https://www.stuttgart.de/callabike